Blue Flame Convection Heaters
Blue Flame Convection Heaters work much like a central heating system.  They warm the air first, then people and objects.  Altogether, the heat is more "gentle" as the warming process occurs.  Adding to its beauty, the blue flame glows through tempered, tinted glass for warm, intimate comfort.
Infrared Plaque Heaters
Infrared Plaque Heaters radiate heat and "warm like the sun".  Direct heat from the radiant plaques quickly warms people and objects in the room before heating the air.  As you enjoy the immediate comfort, the bright orange plaques illuminate a warm cheery glow.

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"Vent-Free"  Gas Space  Heaters
Gas Logs
Excessive Humidity Can Trigger: 
 Sticky or damp feeling, Condensation on windows or other surfaces, Cracking, peeling or blistering paint, Cupped wood floors, Musty odors, Mold or Mildew and High Cooling Bills!
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Tankless Water Heaters
Tankless Water Heaters from Rheem are innovative, energy efficient water heating solutions.  Continuous supply of hot water, energy efficient and space saving products.  Imagine never running out of hot water again.
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